Yellow Group (from 6 months)

yellow_groupIn the Yellow room we provide a wide range of activities for children to play, explore, and develop, gaining the experience for later learning. Our timetable and weekly plans are displayed for you to see, and these are flexible to meet the needs of the children.

We ask you to complete a Care Sheet for your child/ baby and we fit in with their routine as far as we are able to.

We have a sleep room with cots, buggies, and bedding. The sleep room has a baby monitor connected to the main room.

The children are taken outside as often as we can, for a walk or to play in our enclosed outdoor play area.


Green Group

green_groupIn the Green room we have a variety of table-top and floor activities, and a craft/ messy play area, again giving age appropriate opportunities to play, explore and develop.

Some of our children will still be in nappies, and some are in the process of toilet training. We have a separate changing area, and work together with parents/ carers when children are learning to use the toilet. We ask you to complete a Care Sheet for your child.

Children can still have a sleep during the day, either in the Yellow group sleep room or in our quiet corner on the cushions.

Blue & Red Groups

blue_red_groupsAs the children get older and become more independent, the activities become a little more demanding, but the emphasis is still on learning through play and having fun.

In preparing for school we encourage self-help skills such as being independent at the toilet, and being able to put their own coat on. All the provisions are there for children to gain the basic skills for reading, writing and mathematics e.g. recognising and naming familiar letters, pencil control, counting, sorting.

We work closely with the Primary Schools that we feed, and the Reception Teacher or Nursery Practitioner will visit children in Nursery prior to them starting school.